Annette Heals

Annette Heals

I have been doing readings and healing since 1991, am a Medical Intuitive, Clairvoyant, Psychic Counsellor and Healer and have Certificates for everything I do (see link - LINK). In 2001 there was an article about me in the Femina Magazine and I also appeared on TV in a Valentine's Day issue on the 13th and 14th February 2016 (Enca/E TV interviewed me for the item). I look at Emotional, Financial, General, Medical and Relationship issues and before we use the cards intuitively pick up your issues/queries/topics that are on your mind. We then use the Tarot and/or Oracle Cards, Destiny Cards, Runes or Numerology and I will answer your questions during the session. Readings are done with insight, clarity and practical advice on all matters. I lived in Cape Town and Johannesburg and was at Gecko Jewellery, The Waterfront Randburg (for nearly 3 years till it was demolished), Rosebank Sunday Market and Dreamcatchers Crystal Shop before moving to Taunton in North Somerset, UK in June 2016. I work from Taunton, Somerset in the UK, as well as fairs or markets and also do e-mail readings.    


E.mail readings are £60 for a 1 to 4 page typed reading – you can make payment to me through Western Union – I provide my details on request and will complete the reading that day or early the next day.


I do not want to know much when we start, except for your name, date of birth, occupation and the questions you need answers to – including the names and relationships of the people concerned. Shorter readings are £35 if you ever need a specific reading in the future – the itemised one is not repeated.


My e-mail address is and my mobile number is 07770499404.


Readings are done with insight and compassion and offer practical advice/solutions. 99% of my clients have walked away happy and given me positive feedback – the remaining 1% might have expected an immediate miracle, but remember you have free will and can decide NOT to take my advice or put in some work yourself.


I am also an Holistic Healer and do Chakra Balancing, Aura Cleansing and Neck and Shoulder Release.


I have Certificates for everything I do – there was also an article about me in the Femina Magazine some years ago – see Link below.



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