I have been doing Psychic Readings (Psychotherapy), Clairvoyance, Mediumship and Healing professionally for more than 30 years (was previously an Accountant and in IT and worked for myself for 35 years, but now retired). Readings are done with compassion and insight, but are not necessarily a quick fix. Sometimes lessons or challenges are needing to be mastered or patience learned and detours avoided. We all have free will, so the final responsibility is with the client.

Psychic Counselling deals with the here and now. Psychology was one of the courses I completed - I am not primarily a Psychological Counsellor, whom you would visit for a number of hours and spend most of the time doing all the time talking (and paying for the pleasure), but am a Psychic Counsellor who condenses into an hour to an hour and a half what is on your mind or in your life at this time and then give you the tools to understand yourself or the situation as well, hopefully how better to deal with it.   It is not always a quick fix, but  could become and ultimately, like everything else in life, becomes your personal responsibility to resolve. Unfortunately we are responsible for our own happiness. Mediumship might just be for closure and not everyone who has passed over will appear during the reading – they might have moved on, or do not necessarily have a message for the client. There might also be times when Healing is required – in the form of physical touch or Holistic Healing (Body, Mind and Spirit). With healing the client might experience immediate relief or there might be a short period before the benefits are felt. Healing is complementary i.e. in addition to medication, or treatment or even an operation and is not done in isolation. At times the client is urged to follow, not only their reasoning and instinct, but also be open to the process and perhaps change their diet or life style – again entirely their own choice.

On my website I have Certificates and Diplomas for everything I do – these give more clarity on the various modalities. There was also an article about me in the Femina magazine in South Africa and I was on S.A. TV on Valentines Day 2016 re Internet Dating – my advice to the audience was that they needed to listen to head as well as heart in love and in life generally.

During the reading I give the client a short typed-up Personality Astrology, use Numerology to give insight into the coming year, but only use Palmistry for relationships – how many there will be or were. I channel and write two pages of information, and record on a CD then use the cards (Aspects of Self Tarot deck), Runes or Past Lives Oracle Cards (Past Life patterns you have brought into this life and usually more relevant in your current situation/life – I also cannot prove your Past Life), other tools or a Pendulum as a confirmation of what you have already been told clairvoyantly – time frames are usually accurate almost to the day, week or month.

Readings are done to give clarity and help with decision making in Emotional, Financial, General, Medical and Relationship matters. They are holistic (body, mind and spirit), are done in depth and take time – I do not control what is channelled - it is often a confirmation of what the client already knows - or gives clarity/understanding of themselves and/or a situation and how better to deal with it.

Face to face readings are preferable, but e.mail, Facebook Messaging and telephone readings are also offered. For an e.mail reading I need your name, date of birth, contact and any questions you may have but can work without them. See Readings are 35, 45 or 60-90 minutes and prices from £35 to £60 depending on time taken – I charge £70 for 2 hours. A CD is given for the longer readings only.

Opening Hours are Monday and Friday 10.30 to 3.30, Tuesday to Thursday 10.30 to 4.00 and Saturdays 10.30 to 3.30. Other times by mutual Arrangement.

Thank you for your interest. Have a wonderful day.

Annette 1st January 2022

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