I have been doing Psychic Counselling (Psychotherapy), Clairvoyance, Mediumship and Healing professionally for more than 25 years - in S.A. and now the U.K. Prior to that I worked for myself for more than 35 years as an Accountant and in IT (sales, support and training) - retired in 2016.

During the reading I give the client a short Astrology on who they are as a personality and insight into the coming year using Numerology but only use Palmistry for relationships - how many there will be, how many of significance and how many there were before the real one. I channel and write two pages of information which I give to the client, then use the cards (Aspects of Self Tarot deck) or Runes or Numerology or Past Lives Oracle Deck (usually relevant in your current situation/life and not necessarily a Past Life, which I can't prove anyway) or other tools or my Pendulum as a confirmation of what you have already been told clairvoyantly. If I am given a time frame it is usually accurate to the day.

I look at Emotional, Financial, General, Medical and Relationships issues - readings are done with insight, clarity, compassion and practical advice - they are done to guide and help with decision making, so the client can use this information or not - it is entirely their choice - we were all given free will. Readings are holistic, are done in depth and take time. For follow-up readings I would vary the process.

With regard to Mediumship, not everyone will necessarily appear during the reading - they have sometimes moved on or the questions are no longer relevant - am also not necessarily given the circumstances of their passing - only what is relevant.

Although I've had this gift from birth I have more than 20 Certificates and Diplomas and am registered as a Diviner and Traditional Healer amongst others - refer to my website Face to face readings are preferable, but e.mail and telephone readings are also offered - for an e.mail reading I need your name, date of birth and any questions you may have, although I can work without these.

There was an article about me in The Femina magazine some years ago, and I appeare on TV in South Africa on the 13th and 14th February 2016. My contact numbers are +44 7770 499404 and +44 7570 133315 in Taunton, Somerset. I work from home and 2A Eastgate, Taunton, TA1 3NB. I also travel nationally - London, Manchester, Stockport, Poole, Totnes, Devon, Exeter etc. during the year, as well as MBS Events, Holistic Fairs.

Annette E. Bradbury

November 2019

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Stall at Randburg Waterfront, South Africa.